Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bad service provided by Starhub

Starhub has a bad way to service their customer.

I had a problem with their cloud service. Their expert do not have any personal telephone number that I can call them. I have to call their general number and go from one person to another to reach the person that I talked to me earlier.

Their expert finally call me and told me to use Internet Explorer, instead of Chrome, to access their cloud service website.

I did. I got another problem and had to return the call. My mobile phone contained his number, 68097000.

When I called, I got an automated message, "Dear Customer. Our attempt to contact you was unsuccessful. We will call you again".

My mobile phone is now black listed. There is no way that I can call them.

Do the people in Starhub use any common sense? Why provide these kind of automation to cut off communication with their customer. My Cloud service is still down.

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Bai Hu said...

I dun like Starhub too. So i switched to SingTel. The staff there are not accommodating at all. Simple things they made it so complicated. Very pissed off. Anyway, losing one customer like me to them is nothing.

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