Sunday, November 15, 2015

Starhub expert does not have a mobile number

Many customers have said that the service provided by Starhub and SingTel are terrible. M1 is supposed to be better, but some customers have also complained about M1.

It is so sad. These companies have the capability of provided better service. But they are obstructed by their SOP that are written by people who lack common sense. The staff follow the SOP blindly, when a more common sense approach would be excellent.

Here is an example. I had some problem with the Starhub cloud service. I called 1631 but most of their hotline staff don't know about this service.

Finally, someone called me back. I asked for his name and mobile number. But he could not give me his mobile number. I asked - "Are you a telephone company?" Millions of people, including a foreign worker has a personal number. You don't have one?

He gave me some suggestion to log into their website to reboot my server. it did not work. I could not contact him back. I spent 1 hour trying to reach him. His colleagues could not locate him also.

So, it is so simple for Starhub to provide a personal number for their expert to help customer solve a complicated problem. They make matters so difficult by not offering this form of communication. And they are a telephone company!

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