Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to make things difficult for the consumer

It is very common for simple matters to take a lot of time. I have another terrible experience, this time with Singapore Power. My tenant is moving out of my house. I have to submit an application to transfer the account to my name.

After a lot of trouble calling their call center, I was told that the easiest way was to fill up an online application form. They have to direct me to find that form, because it was hidden in their website "maze".

In filing up the form, I have to provide them with the date of issue of my NRIC (luckily I carried it with me) and also with the postal code of my tenanted home (which I had to take a lot of trouble to find this 6 digit code).

On submitting my application, I got this strange message, which must be a bug.

Inline image 1

I could not submit the application. I had to waste one hour today calling your hotline
(which is another terrible experience). 

Finally, I have to fill up a paper form and send over to Singapore Power. It was difficult because they print the application form on two pages, and I have to find a fax machine that can handle two pages. 

Why does Singapore Power make it so difficult for the consumer?

Suggestion: It would be wonderful if I could call a hotline staff who can help me to complete this application. It will probably take the staff 5 minutes and save me one hour of my time.

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