Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's Wrong #13 - Display in the bus to show the next bus stop

Our buses do not have a display to show the name of the next bus stop. 

The passengers may not be familiar with the bus stops. They do not know where to get off the bus. They can ask other passengers, but some of them don't know either. Some prefer not to be disturbed.

The bus driver may be unable to help the passenger, due to language barrier or if the bus driver is a foreigner who has only recently arrived into Singapore. In a crowded bus, the passenger cannot move to the front to talk to the bus driver.

Even if the passenger is familiar with the bus stops, they may still miss their bus stop when it is dark at night or it is raining heavily or when the bus is packed.

What's wrong?
This will discourage passengers from taking the bus, as they do not know where to get off to change to another bus or when reaching the destination. They will take the MRT trains even when it is not the best mode of transport. It also lead to over crowding of the train.

How to put it right
Have a display in the bus to show the name of the next bus stop and the KM reading of that bus stop.

This information is already available in the fare meter at the exit of the bus. It is relatively inexpensive to have a large display to show the information that is already available in the fare meters.

It is important to show the KM of the bus stop, together with the name of the bus stop. The passenger can take note of the KM of the desired bus stop. By watching the KM of the next bus stop, the passenger knows the remaining distance to the desired stop and also know if he or she had missed the bus stop.

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