Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What's Wrong #12 - Badly designed business processes

Many companies and government agencies have business processes that are badly designed. They put all their forms and instructions in a poorly designed website that is difficult for their customers to navigate. It is also painful for customers to submit online forms. They need help and have to call the helpdesk anyway.

What's wrong?
The organizations try to save a few minutes of their staff's time. In the process, they require the customer to spend one hour or more to submit an online request. 

Often the customers need help, and have to contact the help desk. The organization have to provide staff to man the helpdesks. The total saving in staff time to the organization is negligible. They could be spending more staff's time in answering enquiries from their customers.

How to put it right
Have help desk staff that can help the customers to do the following:

a) Submit an online form. The staff is familiar with the requirements, as they handle the forms daily. The customer is not clear about the requirements and usually need someone to explain what needs to be done.

b) Help customers to locate an instruction PDF or an online form. Send a link by email to the customer. This is easier than helping the customer to navigate through a complicated website going through many webpages and links.

c) Where the front line staff is unable to handle a difficult enquiry, they can refer the case to an expert or specialist to call back the customer.

d) Provide a personal email or mobile phone number for an expert or specialist to provide support to the customer. The direct contact will be more efficient. 

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