Thursday, June 30, 2016

Buying the right size of air conditioner

According to this website, a room 25 ft X 20 ft requires a 12,000 BTU air con to cool the room by 12 Celcius, i.e. from 30 Celcius to 18 Celcius.

The website also gave this example: One 2,000-square-foot-home with normal insulation conditions in Washington, D.C., needs a 48,000 BTU air conditioner for adequate cooling in summer. It suggest that a 5,000 sq ft room needs 12,000 BTU, ie. 1/4 of the house.

However, one air con contractor recommended a 18,000 BTU unit and another recommended 1 24,000 BTU unit.

The 24,000 BTU unit can cool the room by 24 Celcius from 30 Celcius to 6 Celcius. It sounds like close to freezing.

Did I get the correct calculation?

After Note:
I found these two websites that shows 12,000 BTU to be adequate. They advised against buying an oversized one.


Anonymous said...

Buying an air condition it is the job of the seller to conduct a fact find before recommending the aircon with the right capacity. The consumers need not to be an expert or to have knowledge of aircon , just like buying life insurance the agents' job is to match the needs of the consumers with suitable products.
It is good to have knowledge of everything but can you? Therefore the onus lies with the sellers and he or she must be responsible and accountable for the products recommended. To ensure and to enforce it is the job of the regulator, CASE or MAS in the case of life insurance.

Anonymous said...

In our weather I seriously doubt that that a 12000BTU unit can cool a 500 sq ft room.

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