Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rising cost in Singapore

We face a serious problem about rising cost in Singapore. Here is another example.…/higher-opera…/2901662.html…

The high cost is due to:
a) High cost of property and rental
b) Inefficiency

We are now paying high prices for labor and all kinds of services.


Yujuan said...

If Singapore wanna costs to go down, Govt has to destroy the Economy first, as every cost in goods and services is inter related, i.e. let property prices plunge, then property rents, a very large cost component, will plunge as well, and so on with construction and other services,etc.
But every GLC, who dominates nearly all sectors of the Economy works on a small SME mentality and culture, i.e. cutting costs and corners is the motto to maximize profits for their main shareholder Temasek Holdings, who in turn add to Govt coffers.
Holy God, this is political suicide for the PAP Govt should she resort to such drastic measures, i.e. destroying the Economy to bring costs down.

rohit puri said...

Rising cost in Singapore is a matter of concern but reliable business support services in Singapore can help any business cope with the inflation issues quite easily.

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