Saturday, July 02, 2016

Bad decision to raise parking charges

It was a bad government decision to raise parking charges in HDB estates. It will cause the private operators to follow and increase the cost of transport and the cost of living. It will have a multiplier effect.

Our property prices, rental rates and transport costa are already at an unbearable level. Why cause a further increase?

The government recently relaxed the financing restrictions on car purchases. This caused an increase in COE and car prices. Now, they are levying higher parking fees to add fuel to the fire.

The local economy is weak. The global economy is in turmoil.

The recent decision to increaes parking charges shows an inexperienced and incompetent government.

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Yujuan said...

Dun agree here, Govt is not inexperienced or incompetent, more an opportunist.
Wool still have to come from the sheep's body to finance the Pioneer Gen benefits, to increase pay of civil servants, the backbone of the political machinery.
Easy pickings from the COEs, and the Customs checkpoints, a bigger golden goose ready to lay bigger golden eggs.
The lesser beings have to do a carxit, go public commuter.

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