Friday, July 01, 2016

High level security do not stop the professionals

Hi Mr Tan,

Some time ago, I saw in your facebook posting about how inconvenient the security token(s) or 2FA have affected many when you have to have different token for banks and other govt services etc. Worse, some of those without a mobile number are also affected to some aspects.

It makes one wonder if the different levels of security is useful to prevent those high level professional hackers. Are those professional hackers going to follow usual login process ie. username/password, then token 2FA, then login step by step, or are they looking out for security vulnerability and weak points to do damage etc? Sometimes, these 2 level security or even multi level security might be effective to the obedient/legal users who login step by step but not sure if that would prevent professional "unfriendly or illegal users" from their undesirable act.

Maybe, it's like a house with door, security gate and window security mesh etc.... but professional theft might dig through the ground or the wall like those movies etc. Not sure where is this going to end, but rightful users are going to be burdened with more security levels.

I agree with you. The high level security cause a lot of trouble to ordinary users but do not stop the professional hackers. 

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