Saturday, July 02, 2016

Too late to reverse the bad policies

The headline in Straits Times said: "Engineering is key to Singapore success as a smart nation: PM". Really?

Did the PM just realize it after runing the country for nearly 30 years? And is it just to be a "smart nation"?

Did the PM realized that the high remuneration and profits in the financial sector and the property sector offered much better prospects that thousands of enginnering graduates went into financial services?

Did the PM realize that the sky high property prices and rental rates are causing a lot of harm to our competitiveness? Did the PM realize that the earnings from the financial sector were mainly through speculation and ripping the consumers?

It will take more than just words to undo the harm that was caused by his bad policies over the past decades.

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Yujuan said...

Ya, too late by 10 years, the damage not easy to reverse.
Engineers are the lowest paid of all professionals, and the most least respected as well in Singapore.
There is a more urgent Agenda behind the scene. Need Engineers to work with scientists to develop the next Industrial Revolution of Artificial Intelligence - Automation and Robotic Technology to service the New Economy. PM Lee knew that Singapore can't attract the real foreign talents with cutting edge technology to come, we could only attract low and mid tech talents, real talents stay put in their home country.
Thus Govt is panicking now, start to coerce our youngsters to latch on Technology early at school, hoping to develop our own Talents.
American internet chatter reveals E commerce Amazon, who dun have to account to their shareholders, has employed 2000 engineers/scientists to do research to develop Artificial intelligence on Robotics, with free reign to work and on annual pay packages up to US$200,000.
Could our Govt do the same? Give free reign and high pay to develop AI with no pay back guarantee?
Develop our own talents? It's an uphill task. It's the forced decades old conformist culture to suit the political system, and the mindset of locals to be robots following instructions from above that's the obstruction, we have to be more intelligent than robots to control robots, so how can human robots develop robots for the New Economy?
Society can only advance if it's messier, over control crimps creativity and initiative, here one foot out of line, we face Govt prosecution. One opposition supporter once said, "If i have political connection, sure I turn pro Govt, dun need to be smart to make big money."
The Malaysians always joke about us, "Singapore sumua pun ta boleh, susa lah."

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