Thursday, June 30, 2016

Easier to take feeder services

I have to take a bus from Orchard Boulevard to Camden Medical Center, which is 4 stops down the road. My mobile apps tells me that I can take many services, but there were too many to remember.

I hopped up the first bus that came along (as I expected all the buses to travel down Orchard Boulevard. Bad luck. That service took a turn into Tomlinson Road. I had to alight and walk some distance in the hot sun.

It is better for the bus network to have feeder services to serve the neighbourhood, say a town. These feeder service can be shown in a "town map".

The commuter only needs to know which feeder service to take (which can be identified by a color).

The main bus services can connect the towns and the feeder services can take commuters within the town.

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