Sunday, June 26, 2016

Takes time for the business to build up

A new stall opened in Midview City Food Court recently. It served western food. There was no queue for the stall. Most of the other stalls had long queue.

I decided to patronize the stall to avoid the queue and also to help them to get some business. I ordered chicket cutlet. It was delicious.

The price was $6.50. It is cheaper than similar food served in restaurants, but more expensive than other food served in the food court - where the average was $4. That was perhaps the reason why they do not have many customers.

I asked the attendant how was business. She said okay.

I had since patronized the stall a few times and also given a treat to my staff at that stall.

Recently, I asked the cook how the food was prepared. He said that the cutlet was already marinated by the supplier, so he had just to roast it. The sauce was also provided by the supplier.

TKL - how is business?
Chef - not good. it is a struggle.

I hope that they can last a few months longer for the business to build up.

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