Saturday, July 02, 2016

Health benefits of Soursop Leaves

If you search the Internet and Youtube, you will come across many articles and videos explaining the health benefits of soursop leaves, especiall in treating cancer.

The problem faced by most consumers is - where to get the soursop leaves. There are virtually no supply in Singapore.

If you buy the soursop leaves in the market, you face these possible problems - you do not get fresh leaves or the leaves could be grown with pesticides. You have to wash off the pesticides.

David Soh has obtained a supply of soursop leaves from Malaysia and Indonesia that are fresh and are not grown with pesticides.

You can read his e-book which is available at It is free.

If you wish to give it a try, you can order the leaves here:


Yujuan said...

A man planted this tree outside his house, and use the leaves to make tea for his family every day. He said we have cancer cells in our bodies, waiting to invade past our immune system to attack us.
To preempt these cells to turn nasty, he believes prevention is better than cure.
The tree is not tall, looks more a shrub, maybe we could grow it in a pot.
he said it's the leaves, not the fruit, that are anti cancer.
Hype or not, worth a try, esp when one sees friends and relatives one by one dying from this terrible disease.
Good to know there is now an organic source to buy.

VINA said...

I have a organic soursop plantation in JB,Malaysia and do sell the leaves. You may contact me @ +6591864757 for any queries

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