Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Private settlement for motor accident

A taxi driver met with a minor accident. He was at fault.

His taxi company advised to make a private settlement with the other party (also another taxi), as the claim is minor. He has taken photographs of the damages.

The other party delayed in giving a reply. Later, he sent a bill of $3,500 to the taxi driver. This was excessive.

The taxi driver was in a dilemma. He did not make a claim under his insurance, as he intended to make a private settelemnt. The claim of $3,500 was excessive.

I advised him to lodge a claim under the insurance, although he reported a few days late. He only need to explain the circumstances of the delay.

Lesson: If you wish to make a private settlement, you have to get an agreement on the spot. Both parties have to sign the private settlement form. If there is delay, you should abandon the private settlement and let the insurance company to handle it. They are more experienced in this matter.

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