Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Einstein Intelligence Quiz

Can you solve Einstein's Quiz be among the 2% who can do it?


siewkhim said...

Kin Lian, you are a clever man. You completed your FIA without the benefit of tertiary education. It was pure self study with limited assistance, not like today.

I think you are one of the real talents in Singopore. But where are you now? How come you are not involved in the Govt, Temasek or GIC? Simple: It is not talent but greed.

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Tan. I managed to solve the puzzle in around an hour. Glad that you have this to let me de-stress. Couldn't find ananswer to it. But my guess is that "the citizen of the country of audi". I will like to know if i'm correct, if you don't mind, please send an email to me to let me know. Hope you will edit my comments so others can try to find the answer too. Thank you.

C H Yak said...

What matters most is not "where are you now" but "what you have done", "what you are doing now" and "what you will be doing"?

rjchen said...

Dear anfield,

I have also solved the quiz under 1 hour, your anwer is correct, otherwise, the clues provided will not be met.


Unknown said...

Hi Mr Tan K L, my answer is the "Germany". I'd got the answer in around 2 hours. Combining analytical and deduction methods. Wonder it's correct?

Kelvin Neo

gamemo said...

Hi Mr Tan, I spent 20 min and got the answer to be german. Is it correct? I'm interested in your book of puzzle. How can I purchase it from you at $6?

Btw my answer is as follows. Please delete after you've seen it so others could try. Thanks

1) Yellow - Norwe - Dunhill - Water - Cat
2) Blue - Dane - Blend - Tea - Horse
3) Red - Brit - P Mall - Milk - Birds
4) Green - German- Prince - Coffee- Fish(ANS)
5) White - Swede - B Master- Beer - Dog

Anonymous said...

I believe your answer is here:'s_intelligence_quiz

What do you think?

QF said...

Hi Mr Tan - I solved the quiz in 20 min. Is the answer 'German'? I also bought your Vol 2 of the Intelligence Quiz Book and I enjoyed solving all the puzzles -average time 15 - 20 min. Is there a Vol 3 and when will it be available if there is?

Anonymous said...

solved in almost half an hour:

Location First Second Middle Forth Fifth
Color Yellow Blue Red Green White
Pet Cat Horse Bird Fish Dog
Drink Water Tea Milk Coffee Beer
Nationality Norwegian Dane Brit German Swede
Smoke Dunhill Blend Pall Mall Prince Blue Master

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