Friday, March 27, 2009

Sale of toxic products

A pharmaceutical company has discovered a new drug that is a seemed to be effective in curing certain types of cancer. According to an internal document, the drug used certain ingredients that may be harmful to people. Due to the rush to bring the new product to the market and to make big profits, the company was not able to complete the tests to identify and remove the harmful effects.

They were able to find two countries where the health regulators were willing to allow the drug to be sold to the public with a warning, "The new drug may, in some situation, be harmful for consumption".

The manufacturer advertised the positive aspects of the drug and many people bought it. Those who read the warning were told not to worry about it, as it was not likely to happen. After a few months, many people die from the drug, which turned out to be more toxic than expected.

The families were told that the patients should have paid attention to the warning. They had taken their own risk with their eyes open.


G C said...

All drugs are dangerous. The only different between an approved and non approved drug in treatment was that approved drug may not caused immediate fatal effect. Non approved drug is known to caused serious effect in shot time and the effect is feel immediately.

The only solution to healthy living is consume only green no meats and drink a sufficient water, and exercise.

The current medical science only lead human being to dead end.


an said...

Think minibonds and CLNs as toxic products.

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