Thursday, March 26, 2009

MAS consultation paper - sale of unlisted investment products

I suggest that the product issuer should be required to disclose the charges that they are taking away from the investment product for their distribution cost, expenses and profit margin. Under the current regime, this informtion is not required to be disclosed.

The disclosure should be done at two levels:
a) the prospectus should specify the maximum charges that can be taken away from the investment for the various items of expenses.
b) an annual report should be presented to show the accounts of the fund.

Unit trusts have to disclose the charges and to render an annual statement of the fund. These requirements are more important in the case of the unlisted investment products.

I am not sure if this point has been adequately addressed in the new regulatory requirements that is being proposed in the consultation paper. I hope that someone can check this point and inform me.

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