Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fraud alert - insurance claim

Dear Kin Lian,

I like to report to our motor insurer about a suspicious accident with this vehicle on 19 Mar 09; (detail provided). The driver; man aged 50 something.

I notice from my right side mirror, he approached very close towards my right side and appears to deliberately hit my right rear side and bumper.

I got down checking and finding that his vehicle already had a bad pre-existing damage on his front lefts side that supposes to collide with me (it is a deep dent and paintwork scratches) but my car was only slightly scrapped. I confronted him and he drives off after a verbal exchange.

I was suspicious because I have been in front of him all the time and keeping on a straight path within my lane. And also my vehicle slightly damaged but he and his female passenger kept blaming me for cutting into his path.

He probably attempt to induce fraudulent insurance claim for his existing damage. To protect other motorist; any similar accident claim involving this vehicle should be carefully investigated.

I suggest that you lodge a report with the Police. It is their duty to investigate such matters.

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Falcon said...

When times are bad, people resort to such activities to make some money. Looks like in Singapore there is a brotherhood linking car repair workshops, motorists and to a lesser extent some black sheep lawyers may also be involved. This reminds me of the situation in China where some people would jump in front of an oncoming care even to the extent of courting death so that their families can claim from the unfortunate motorist as the law in that country puts the blame on such accidents entirely on the motorists.

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