Monday, February 01, 2010

Pricing of HDB flats and subsidy

Read this letter.


Anonymous said...

Alienate the old as most of them are under-employed.

Alienate the young as the prices of housing have sky rocketed.

Alienate the middle aged because of transport and ERP.

Anonymous said...

A 20% price drop in a 4 room flat in Tampines would amount to about $70-80K.

A 20% price drop on a $10 million dollar bungalow in District 9,10 or 11 would be $2 million dollars.

So who's got more to lose?

Anonymous said...

HDB, do you think any daft will buy a 2nd floor 5rm new flat at Queenstown area somemore not near to mrt station and facing the mscp at $527k?

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