Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Football on Pay TV

I am glad that Singtel and Starhub are working together on a joint bid for FIFA World Cup. I hope that they can reach an agreement with FIFA so that the World Cup can be broadcast to Singapore homes through both platforms. That would be good for soccer fans in Singapore.

If the operators and FIFA cannot agree on a fixed price,  I suggest that they work on a percentage sharing of the revenue from each subscriber or an agreed amount per subscriber (to be paid to FIFA).

Perhaps, Singtel and Starhub can get together to discuss how to make the English Premier League available to many homes who are cuurrently on Starhub. Starhub has offered to do the broadcast for free. I hope that Singtel will take up this offer. It will avoid the pain to Singtel of installing so its new set top boxes to many homes, which is likely to cause a lot of technical and capacity issues.

Tan Kin Lian


Parka said...

Revenue sharing is great.

FIFA is just too greedy and want the money upfront. Yes they are the monopoly but thank goodness we also have the option to not watch.

Qwertyman said...

It is still shocking here in the UK that we have to pay to watch our national team play. Ok we can watch some friendly games and the World Cup but qualifiers come with a contract and it´s just not on. You are right as it is greed by all parties, football teams included. The best online bookmakers currently make England third favourites which is testament to how much good football we are missing on the telly.

Vincent Teo said...

I hope that the 2 telcos will not give in to FIFA's greedy demand. Once the floodgate is open, it will not stop.

Just give up watching football, it is not the end of the world.

lavina said...

Yes good proposal for discussion and come to a decision for the greater interest of football. I will catch all the action in Dish Network .

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