Friday, February 05, 2010

Medan is a nice city with nice people

Hi Mr. Tan,
I'm your blog reader. Sorry to hear about the experience you had in Medan, my home town. This practice could exist in many entry ports in Indonesia.

If I may suggest, exchanging the currency in Changi Airport is better compared to the money changer outlets in Indonesia airports knowing you're foreigner/tourists. We just might bump into business that is trying to survive for the day, hence the cheating come in place.

I have a good impression of Medan. It is a nice city with nice people. The bad experience with the money changer does not reflect badly on the people. I also change money in Jakarta many times, and I have no problem with them. They offer good service and a fair rate.

I did not want to change money at Changi Airport as they will change my US dollar to Singapore dollar and then change it to Rupiah, so I have to pay the spread two times. They are also not fair to customers.


Anonymous said...

Changi Airport rentals are high.
They need a wider margin to be viable
There are laws here that they must follow.

Over in Jarkarta they have lower rents but higher "protection" money.
Overall, its still cheaper. There are laws but seldom enforced.

We bear the risk of standing at the money changer's stall in Jarkarta.
In Changi the risks is almost absent.

Anonymous said...

Do not ever change money in airport. You will find better rate out there. Ask some people you know in Medan to take you to the authorized money changer

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