Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What the General Election is about

Read this view by Dr. Wong Wee Nam.


Anonymous said...

Seems like we need a PhD holder to teach a govt scholar on what GE is about?

So who has more talent? Obviously not the overpaid one.

Overpaid underworked?

It's time to get an underpaid overworked S'porean for S'poreans, not S'porean for Foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Dr Wong did not win in the last election that he contested. Not that he is not well qualified, obviously.

Hope that he can achieve it at the next election.

Anonymous said...

Next election is easy for me to decide.

First question:

Do you like or dislike PAP?
If yes, vote for them. If not don't vote for them.

If the above question is not enough to decide, then ask, What have they done that is good or bad for the country?

good: peaceful, safe.

no good:

high minister salary

high foreign workers. 1.25 million out of 3.5 million citizen.

No respect for Singaporeans because they ignore Singaporean after numerous petitions by TKL on Minibond Notes saga.

Bad job security esp when you hit middle age as Foreign workers with lower salary replaces you.

High stress in school system as school work is demanding with the necessity for tuition. For lower income group not able to provide tuition, their children are at a disadvantage but again, this is not the concern of rich ministers.

Cannot solve taxi hiding before mid-night charge.

Take a long time to solve people killing themselves on MRT track.

Very expensive public housing with public don't understand why a new flat cost less than the selling price and the govt still need to subsidize.

Big eye small eye. When rich and famous has kidney problem, law is change to make way for legal kidney donation.

Two persons died recently crossing the road to church and LTA still yet to decide whether a traffic light is needed. Old people have difficulty using overhead bridge not like rich ministers have cars.s.s.s and driven to church.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to S'pore, a city not a country with "one city two STANDARD"!

Rich, powerful and famous one standard. Poor, weak and daft another standard!

Foreigners one standard, S'poreans another standard!

PAP one standard, SDP another standard!

Anonymous said...

Most important standard:

At least 98 % seats for PAP at every election and streets not only appear peaceful but also prosperous.

A dream for most other govts but a given for Singapore.

Once have this standard, no need to bother so much about other standards.

Anonymous said...

I tell you all this:

no matter what oppositions talk or do to weaken PAP, they will still win.


because most Singaporeans are not a risk taker.

Ever heard of "kiasu Singaporeans"???

Many Singaporeans are hoping for oppositions to win more, but yet they dare NOT vote for them...or they MIHGT HAVE NO chance to give their vote.


Anonymous said...

They still win but that does not mean they will win FOREVER!

These kiasu s'poreans may be from the last generation who benefit from the transformation of 3rd world to "1st world" or simply out of fear of the "mata" who wear white uniform.

The new generation may be entire different breed altogether? M'sia 2008 GE and Jap 2009 GE were just one of the classic good examples.

When more and more capable and ex-scholar people join the ranks of opposition, "NO chance to give their vote" may be a thing of the past?

Think and act positively, just ask yourself when the time has finally come, would you dare to do the RIGHT thing?

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