Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Two casinos

Here is an upbeat assessment of the two casinos. Hope that it materialises.

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Anonymous said...

know yourself well before you step into the casino.

I am one that don't like to lose. If I step in and lose, I will bet more to regain my lost. If happen that I did breakeven [most unlikely], I will put in abit more bet and tell myself that my luck is around the corner i.e. getting greedy. I will probably stop once I run out of money in my ATM or credit card.

Ong Beng Seng went to Australia and tried his luck in the casino. He realized he cannot win and later bought the casino.

The story is to tell you that you can never win the casino [the banker] in the long run. You will lose in the end.

So, prevention is better than cure. Don't go in.

Money can only gain through your own hardwork and not throwing a dice, period.

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