Monday, February 01, 2010

Personal savings

This writer wants to take care of his own money, rather than let the Government decide on how the money is to be spent.


Anonymous said...

There is a saying in Chinese the
sheep's wool comes from the sheep itself.
Ultimately the money for the increase in medisave comes from our own pockets, not from the Govt's coffers. The concern for our welfare sounds insincere.

Parka said...

I wish the government would just open the "flood gates" for a year or two and let people take out whatever they want. And then monitor how people spend their money. If they don't save enough themselves for their old age, then too bad for them.

Personally, I've no confidence in the financial management of people themselves.

Anonymous said...

I guess there are people who really know how to manage their money but likely to be a minority.


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