Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Quick action could have reduced number of spa victims


My comment:
It is important for the Police to investigate a potential fraudulent practice promptly, rather than expect the public to provide evidence. The public do not have the resources and the power to carry out an investigation to produce the evidence.

There are several potentially fraudulent practices, such as land banking and get rick quick schemes. If the Police does not investigate, more people will fall victim to the frauds.


Anonymous said...

Makes us wonder what exactly the role of the Police in Singapore for. Maybe they are so busy with
keeping an eye on the operation of the IR, and their resources are stretched thin with the hugely expanding population, so they resort to telling people in trouble to seek help from the Small Claims Court or their lawyers. They just could not keep up with their workload.
Our Police force has now become inefficient, losing trust of the people.

Anonymous said...

It seems all we are good at is either;
a) public reporting a problem (newspaper don't do this anymore)
b) blogs recording down the problem
(civil servants don't do this anymore)
c) passing the buck around or tai chi from one government department to another.

Do civil servants still work anymore?

My best example is teaching. Teachers do not teach in schools. Their job is to set standards and "difficult" exam questions.

Private tutors are the real teachers in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Even reputable firms can go bankrupt. Who knows? How come these women so rich can sign up for hundreds of dollars of packages during a recession?

Anonymous said...

I think it is necessary for the public to provide some evidence to the police or else, it will lead to a lot of people making false accusations.
Do you then expect the Police to waste resources to every single 'potential' conplaint?

Freddie Tan

Anonymous said...

In this case they do have the evidence. They have receipts to show that they have paid for spa packages. So when the spa closed down these people have the right to find out if it is a deliberate attempt by the spa to cheat. That is the point that Mr Tan is trying to make

spavic said...

So many people are frustrated with True Spa and Subtle Senses.
Yet the government is keeping quiet.
I wonder if this is because the owner is an accomplished lawyer and the son of ex chief justice Wee?
I hope Patrick Wee can answer why there is so much complaints about True Yoga, True Spa...
No Fire No Smoke...

spavic said...

pls go http://groups.google.com/group/true-spa-victim and http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_170620749615018

spavic said...

true spa just posted mails to all its customers saying that out of goodwill, customers can now transfer their true est and true spa packages to true yoga and true fitness. i wonder if this covers birkam yoga.

anyone who thinks this sounds good... have to think again...

to transfer to true yoga and true fitness, you have pay $214 per month

many people have complained this is crazy

already people at true yoga are not happy that they cant book appointments. and the normal package at true yoga is only $38 per month at promotion price... see raffles places mrt advertisement

many people are wondering what patrick wee ewe seng son of late chief justice wee chong jin is doing...

sad day for singapore
where is the justice

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