Thursday, May 13, 2010

Aviva Car Insurance

The website is

It is quite easy to get a quote. I found that the quote for my car insurance is $1,015. My existing insurer charges $761. So, Aviva is more expensive. My daughter also checked and found that in her case, Aviva is more expensive than the existing insurer.

I like other readers to check their premium based on your existing cover. You can post the details of the premium (existing compraed to Aviva) here.


Divali said...

Dear Mr Tan

Hope this article is relevant to Sg.

"How to Find the Best Car Insurance Policy"

Anonymous said...

Mr. Tan,

Is comparison apple-apple in benefits, NCDs, etc?

Tan Kin Lian said...

NCD was taken into account. I did not compare excess or other special features.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,

I enjoyed substantial savings buying from them. I paid about $1700 compared to the almost $8000 quoted to me by NTUC!

Wayne said...

NCD: 40%
India Insurance: S$919.24 (renewal)
Aviva online: S$902.31

Cheaper by S$16.93.
(Not yet including credit card cashback - est. 2% ~ $18 by paying Aviva online; got to pay by cheque for India insurance)

hosingping said...

recently, i got a quote from Aviva. the amount is $1019. cheaper than AIG I got before at $1200. even after renewal, the amount still never reduce. same as before.
Must compare in terms with NCD and certain coverage. becos we can modify according to our wants. and premium will sdjust accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,

S$761 seems cheap for car insurance. What type of car are you driving? Is your current insurer NTUC?

Anonymous said...

For different cars, the pricing ratio is different. expensive for one model, maybe cheaper for another.

Best way to keep insurance premiums down is to not make claims unnecessary or when claim amount is < $1000.

For me, small dings, bumps, uneven paint, scratches, dents in bumper, I don't bother to repair as such inconveniences are only eyesores but not compromising safety. I drive daily but I don't even wash the car for two months to save water and money (anyway can always make use of rain). People who wash the car weekly or every few days is wasting time and precious water.

Use resources based on need not on wants. We should all learn to conserve and not be excessive.

Anonymous said...

Forget about ntuc..they are not interested in car insurance since they came in #1 last year. Big deal, #1 by the back door.Made history at the expense of the policyholders is not great.

Anonymous said...

AIG quote me $ 2.8k
Aviva quoted $ 1.8k
i save $ 1k !!
'nuff said

Anonymous said...

Agreed with the post. Not everytime direct selling wins.

Was quoted $1,300 by Aviva
Chartis/AIG quote $1,100 and similar by Liberty
Cheapest by China Insurance $980.

Willie said...

My renewal from NTUC was $1580 and I am getting $1285 from Aviva. It's not apple to apple but I am able to get savings for going green, and also limiting the number of people I can make claims for. NTUC doesnt give me such options.

Anonymous said...

My Existing MSIG quote me $3600 (with $2000 excess), AXA quote: $3000+(with $550 excess) China, NTUC quote about ($5000+ with $500 excess) India no quote.Guess what is Aviva? ($1700 with $500 excess) Really alot of difference!! Is great saving but i am also worried cos there is a saying: cheap things don't come good, good things don't come cheap...I am using cash to pay, really do not want to fork out so

Unknown said...

Hi All,

I am facing a difficult situation. Had an accident in March 10, total claim on OD and 3rd party add up to 24k. Heard from my broker only NTUC is willing to insure at 6k. This is nuts! Is there any way to reduce the premium?

Wang Wei said...

Answer to Tzek Hui:
I have a similar story. The only thing I can do is sale(in fact it is just a transfer of name) my car to my wife and let her to start a fresh new policy with 0% NCD, the new policy start from 2K+, still much better than the renewal cost of 6K+ :)

I can do this because I have no bank loan on my car. If you are still serving bank loan, the bank may not grand the same loan amount to the new owner.

Get the MOst said...

Those that buy Aviva, wish you good luck. They have a fine print which indicate that any modification (including commonly approved by LTA enhancement) which deviated from the original specification. Your claim will be null or denied. Do a search on the Internet, you will see a few had been bitten by them after they met a accident.

Get the MOst said...

People who buy Aviva insurance, good luck to you and hope you do not involved in a accident. Especially when you are at fault. There is a term where Aviva indicate that if your car is modified or install enhancement (even approved by LTA) that deviated from the original car specification, your claim will be null or deny. Which mean, if you changed your sport rim, that warrant the effects of this clause. Good luck gentlemen. If it is too good to be truth, it is!

Anonymous said...

I can back up the above with regard to Aviva's ethics. I was told by Aviva that unless I have an in vehicle camera, should the other party deny that they were involved in the accident, then fault is not proven. Anything I or my passengers say cannot be taken into account. A very high burden of proof indeed and it makes claiming next to impossible. I will never use Aviva again.

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