Saturday, May 22, 2010

Resort World Sentosa

I attended a company dinner held at the conference center in Resort World Sentosa recently. This is my first visit to Sentosa after the integrated resort opened. Here are some photos (for the benefit of those who have not yet visited the resort).

I was quite surprised to see that the place was quite attractive and there was a large crowd in the hotels and shops. I did not enter the casino (as I refused to pay $100), so I don't know if it was very crowded inside as well.


hongjun said...

I do not find the entrance outside the casino attractive at all. Like you, I refused to pay $100.

I visited one of the conference rooms last month and I found it way below my expectations.

As for Universal Studios, it is simply too small; definitely not worth the money especially when the most exciting rides are still not in operation.

C H Yak said...

My earlier letter to Today on the MBS Conference Woes is published today , after some editing.

Link :-

My original letter has the following :-

Investors who made losses in Mini-Bond and other structured financial products in the last financial meltdown had been chilled as having walked into their investments with "eyes wide open", I believe this daring act to to embark on the opening conference at the newly commissioned casino project is not much different.

Singapore Short Stories said...

I think the $100 admission charges for Singaporeans is too high.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with 1.15 PM.
The $100 is sum, sum, sui, far too low, not even enough to pay for a seafood dinner.

Anonymous said...

For those who are put off by the $100, no worries.

After the next election, they will remove this $100 requirement, citing that singaporeans are now more mature, have had time to absorb the facts of casino, and sufficient time for the "responsible gambling" campaign to be successful.

Real reason of course is to enable the 2 IRs to survive. Those theme parks, MICE activities, conferences, seminars, shopping, fine dining, expensive boutiques etc are all not sustainable to the bottom line for the operators. It is like asking SPH to only depend on revenue from selling newspapers.

Norman said...

From time to time, I am curious about the casino, but when I think about the $100 levy, and how the value of our cash savings is in a way being wiped out by rising property prices, I'd give it a miss.

Anonymous said...

Take good care of your family, do not gamble. Gambling is on top of the list of all evils.

Imaging you were addicted to gambling, you ask money from your wife, your kids, your parents. You lost your house, you do not have money for your sick parents. Your kids have to stop school to earn a living... The only way out for gambler is death, for himself and his family.

Anonymous said...

We have a family friend who lost a lot of money at the casino in Jakarta way back in the 1970s.
Saddled with debts he approached his wife to help him pay debts by selling the family's hotel property in Bt. Timah Road. The wife refused, and in desperation, he took his own life.
Gambling would destroy oneself and the family. Only the banker wins.

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