Friday, October 15, 2010

Donate to philantrophy

A senior accountant in Indonesia asked me this question, "Mr. Tan, why does Mr. Lee wish to continue to draw a big salary in Singapore? Does he need the money? Surely his family is already well off?". I was not able to answer this question. That was before I learned that Warren Buffett had pledged to donate his wealth to philantrophy. Maybe, Mr. Lee will do the same?


Anonymous said...

In LKY life he has never donated to charitable organisation. He only donated to build organisation like Institute of Policy Studies or wuch like entities that will enhance his political advantage over others. After his demise he may will to have his money maybe to build a LKY memorial!

pantone K said...

PM Lee "donated" to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra recently.

StocksKeeper said...

LKY & family did make donation to charity, after the HPL issue, the discount they received is donated. :P

Unknown said...

Do you think people work for free? Not the poor, not the rich and not the middle income. Anyone can asked for what they think is worth for the work they contribute. What they do to thier money is their business. However, for politician, you voters decide whether you want their contribution during election. But sometimes we just have no chance to vote. Also you have no say on their salary. I am still wondering is this Democratic?..

AB said...

"Maybe he will do the same"?
If there is any intention to give it all away then he could have jolly well just take a token $1 salary. And then I read about other posters talking about the scrapping of the estate tax.

"Do you think people work for free"?
As far I know there are. Some people work for practically free just to gain the experience. Many volunteers work for charity mostly for free. And Steve Jobs take only $1.

"Anyone can asked for what they think is worth for the work they contribute".
Some people dont even need to ask, they just take whatever they feel like it.

"I am still wondering is this Democratic"?
Oh sure it is. Its just a question of which definition?

yujuan said...

Why the need to accumulate more money, and then the abolition of estate duty tax, this question of being paid so much at such an old age is really baffling, even to Singaporeans themselves.
Would money could really be used in the nether world? Guess all Asians think alike, leave as much monies to our vulnerable descendants in this highly unstable and unpredictable world.
Humans are all the same, unsatiable in pursuit of wealth, you just want more and more, looking at zeros in the bank account is like looking at the accumulating balances in our CPF accounts. It makes our eyes sparkle.

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