Friday, October 15, 2010

Gmail and multiple inboxes

I use Gmail to receive and send out my e-mail. I have two other mailboxes under SMU (where I teach as an adjunct professor) and in my corporate website ( In the past, I often forget to log into the other inboxes to retrieve my e-mail.

Recently, I configured Gmail to retrieve my e-mails from these other inboxes. It was quite easy. Now, all my e-mails are retrieved from the three inboxes automatically. I am able to respond to all e-mails promptly. For those who are still logging to multiple inboxes, you should consider this approach.

Some people told me that they maintain a separate inbox to receive their junk mail. But they have the risk of over-looking to reply to genuine e-mails sent to these mailboxes. I prefer to retrieve all my e-mails daily and to delete the junk mails. GMail has a way of identifying most of these junk mail and transfer them to the spam box.

Tan Kin Lian

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Unknown said...

yes, I agree that Gmail has many useful and fast loading feature.

I want to add something:

As a comparison, Hotmail is getting worse. It has too many advertisement (graphic type) and tends to slow down web experience.

On the other hand, Gmail has advertisement too, but it is in text type. Fast loading. Good job Google.

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