Thursday, December 16, 2010

Color printer

I wish to have recommendation on a good color printer to buy, where the price is reasonable for the printer, and the consummables are not expensive.


Golf-In-City - A Slice Golfer Journal said...

Hi Mr. Tan, you may want to consider buyer a cheap Canon 3 in 1 injet colour printer such as MP198 which is selling at times below $100 during trade-in or promotion period. The MP198 ink cartridge cost between $35 to $60 for black and colour but I suggest to have the MP198 modified to a external ink bank which is refillable by sepom at $179 when they are promoting at sitex. I am preparing to upgrad the mp198 to that external ink system once my current cartridges used up.

Unknown said...

Most big companies, HP and Cannon, sell their printers at a very low cost or sometimes even at a loss. This is because they can make huge profit from the inks or toners. I bought a laser HP printer (HP Color LaserJet CP1210 Printer series)and buy the color toners from ebay.

veronika said...

If its for personal use and printing infrequently, you might want to consider HP Photosmart series.

I have been using a HP C6380 Photosmart Printer for over 1 year
The ink cartidges are individually
loaded, Black,Cyan,Magenta etc
This way, they can be replaced indivually rather than the 3-in one
type which seems to deplete very quickly and also costs much more.

I understand that the ink cartridges are made in Malaysia and thus could be bought at a lower price there.Otherwise, Challenger offers the best price for these cartidges ( Photosmart 564xl black prints about 800 copies)

Hot Tip:

Do not stock up on cartidges! you never know when the printer will conk out!

If you need to print frequently, then its best to buy a larger machine which takes 1 litre sized toner capacity. This market is dominated by the larger players such as Cannon,Brother, HP and I have no experience with these larger machines except that I need the office people's permission to use them!!

Hope this helps!

AB said...

Kind of similar suggestion as Golf-in-City, I buy Brother 3in1 injet colour printer which cost anything from less than $100 for a low end model to $200 for a higher model. Instead of external ink bank I use refillable ink cartridge such as singink which cost $40.

Parka said...

Get a laser printer. It's cheaper in the long run, even with the expensive toner.

Unknown said...

Just to add on, for my laser printer, I am buying and using third party toners. They are much cheaper than the oringinal toners from HP.

Unknown said...

Great post. Can i use any laser printer for Plastic card printing purpose?

shamraiz said...

HI, am looking printer for home office used. I used printer a lot according to my work. So will this printer suitable for my home office use.
Plastic cards Printing

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