Monday, December 13, 2010

WikiLeaks and George Yeo

Foreign Minister George Yeo said that the WikiLeaks reports on the views expressed by Singapore senior diplomats are taken out of context. They are confidential talk and should not be reported. They are also the impressions of the American diplomats to the remarks made at the cocktails and do not accurately reflect the views of the Singapore diplomats.

I agree with the foreign minster's views and his approach in addressing this matter. I hope that his remarks will be covered in the Australian paper that leaked the reports.

Tan Kin Lian


C H Yak said...

Yes. It should be taken in the right context. There are always two sides to a coin and more than 2 perspectives to an issue.

MM Lee described China's VP Xi Jinping as "a princeling who succeeded despite being rusticated".

China's newspaper had also described PM Lee as a "princeling". In your other posting, you asked why the Sydney Morning Herald wishes to put Singapore in a negative light?

"Is it due to the attempt by SGX to take over the ASX - Australian Stock Exchange?".

I sensed part of the objection in Oz is because they object to their SE being under "priceling" sort of control as they viewed TH to be.

So I think it is more important that there should be no double standards but put into the proper context.

yujuan said...

Our officials like to critize others but do not want to critize themselves. Dig more, and we found our Govt doing the same thing, so it is a black pot calling the other pot black, while knowing its own is just as black, but refuse to admit it. Keep doing it and soon you would lose credibility, and given a chance would be stampeded on by others whom you have critized or hurt before.
Australians are doing just that now,maybe China's leaders would follow later. For a gentleman to take revenge, ten years is not too late.
Motto, think twice before you open mouth to critize other countries and their leaders, because you would be forced to eat back your words later. Singapore is a very small country, why always strive to act like a big shot, and create unnecesary enemies. Even big shot America is now forced to eat humble pie, with its economy in tatters. What's the big deal about tiny Singapore.

michael13 said...

Our political leaders should focus more on how to strengthen the bond between the government and the people. More time and energies should be directed to further improve Singaporeans' qualities of lives. There is no benefit going round criticising others. Listen more instead. They should refrain from doing that again.

From now on, always strive to be humble as a small nation and Singapore will become more peaceful and prosperous. We earn respect by respecting others.

Lye Khuen Way said...

While I can understand FM George Yeo's attempt to mitigate the fallout, I must also agree with those who commented about Singapore's political leaders attitude. If you dare to say anything about others, be prepared to be "quoted". , even out of context. Do not claim diplomatic immunity as a matter of rights.

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