Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Talk by Dr. Jacques Attali (13 January 2011)

One reader of my blog decided to attend the talk by Dr. Jacques Attali (more details here). He sent this message to me. 

Dear Mr. Tan

I'm educated in the field of technology and economy, politics and finance are all very foreign subject to me, Singapore had been my "sky" till I started to travel due to job requirement.

A few things Singapore need to improve:

1) Political system need to be opened up further. Singapore's future looks glim if we continue to live in a state of "virtual democracy".

2) Public education need to be enhanced further in the area of politics, finance and economy. The goal is not to train everyone to be an expert but to expose the people to what they don't know. Otherwise they'll forever be in the state of "don't know what they don't know". For example, I've never been exposed to socialism till I start reading your blog. Previously I've always thought there's only democracy and communism. I'm reading more on socialism but have not formed my conviction.

3) Due to my belief and profession, I've always believed that globalization is inevitable and no point resisting it, just be ready for it.

4) I'm not interested to run in politics but always interested to cast my vote responsibly that's why Singapore's media frustrated me greatly. 

5) The global recovery from the crisis is faked, US is trying to inflate themselves out of debt despite Tim and Obama denying it. What they've done is just temporary prop up the US economy so that there won't be major, immediate social unrest. Give as many investor as possible a time to exit. The subprime issue (root) that's been causing the pain is still not solved yet.    

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