Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wikileaks and Singapore leaders

Find out how the international and local media cover the Wikileaks of the comments of Singapore leaders on the leaders in the region. Look for the difference in the slant of their coverage.


AB said...

"Why did I back Julian Assange? It's about justice and fairness".

Thanks for the link and drawing attention to the difference. For sure, we would never ever see such a headline. If there are leaks about the holy god here then more likely we will see condemning headlines, and maybe run everyday for one whole year and supported with "evidence" from 365 "rape victims". Oh I forgot holy god dont even need to do that. I hope Julian is aware what is ISA.

This statement in the article says it all.

"....democracy needs a strong and free media. It is the only way to ensure governments are honest and remain accountable".

yujuan said...

Assange had not done anything wrong, he was just transmitting information as secretly reported by so-called respectable politicians and diplomats who think
very highly of themselves.
There is a saying you could eat any damn thing on earth, but you could not say any damn thing you want. Have to watch your mouth before you open it to speak, bai mi ye you yi shu.
But try saying this Chinese saying to banana Govt officials and diplomats, they would'nt have a clue what you are talking about.

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