Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FISCA financial planning talk

There were many young people, including couples, who attended by financial planning talk on 4 December. Most of them found the talk to be useful.

Some were shocked to learn that the life insurance policy, which required them to save a large part of their earnings each month, gave a poor yield. They also learned that they can get a much better return by buying term insurance for 25 years and investing their savings in a low cost investment fund, such as the STI exchange traded fund that can be bought through the Singapore Exchange.

A few attendees told me that they will be recommending their friends to attend the talk, as it will benefit them as well. A couple said that they have asked their nephew and niece to attend my next talk.

Those who are interested to learn about investing in ETF and REITS can attend another FISCA talk. The details can be found here. The talk was previously called "Invest for the Long Term". The new title is "Invest in shares, REITs and ETFs" but it is essentially the same talk. This talk is sponsored by SGX, so the cost is only $10.

Tan Kin Lian

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