Friday, December 17, 2010

Financial planning for retirees

Many retirees have a sum of savings and are need advice on how to manage these savings. They can buy a Life Annuity, but they don't like the idea of losing their capital on early death. They think that they need life insurance, which is not suitable for retirees, except to pay for the funeral expenses. They cannot get proper advice from insurance agents (or financial advisers) as they only keen to sell unsuitable life insurance policies to earn a commission.

The best way for a retiree to manage the savings is to invest in an indexed fund and to draw down the amount that is required each month. This is explained in this FAQ. The retiree can get more information from my book, Practical Guide on Financial Planning or by attending the educational talks conducted by FISCA.

By spending some time and money to be educated, the retiree can save a lot of money by avoiding the wrong financial products that give them a poor yield or can cause them to lose their capital (remember the Lehman saga)?

There are several articles about investments and financial planning that you can read in Just type some keyword and you can get the articles that cover the topic. All articles are quite short, and contain the useful information for the lay person. They are quite easy to understand.

Tan Kin Lian

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zhummmeng said...

Singaporeans can NEVER retire if they let the insurance salesmen 'manage' their money. They are no investment experts nor they are money managers.They are salesmen to rob you of your retirement by peddling you products that benefit themselves. They either sell you a very low risk product that will NEVER bring you to your retirement or a very high risk product that will burn up your retirement.
Seek a qualified and honest retirement planner/wealth planner.

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