Friday, December 17, 2010

GPS Navigation System

I wish to look for a GPS navigation system in my car. I have a Packard Bell system, but it has been giving trouble lately. So, I am looking for a different system. Any recommendation of a good system that is easy to use and give good directions?


Unknown said...

Did some research on my own and decided to get the garmin GPS. But it is cheaper to purchase it during IT fair.

Hiei said...

Using Holux for few months. I find it quite good.

symmetrix said...

I bought a Marbella M880 Slim, 5-inch GPS at the recent SITEX fair. It is pre-loaded with .sg, .my and Brunei maps. You can get a map of another region (eg Australia or USA or Europe etc) free. The unit works fine. Freebies include screen protector, carrying case, and home charger.

Their customer service is pretty good. Marbella will also loan you a map of another region free of charge during your trip abroad. They conducted a free training session after the show.

And you get the whole works for all of $170. No other supplier beats this offer. If this isn't a great deal, then I don't know what is.

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