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I received this suggestion from a reader of my blog

The way to get your voice in is to follow the PAP -- people's ACTION please!
Everyone of you please try to get 10 people you know to pledge that they will vote for opposition in the next GE. And that each of them must also get 10. No duplication please. Once a person has pledged with someone, he/she is not allowed to pledge again. 
People -- ACTION -- please!

Dare To Act


yujuan said...

Ever watch the events unfolding in the Middle East? Notice how when people overcome the fear factor, people could be aroused easily to change the political landscape, and once started, the momentum picks up speed very rapidly.
PAP waited too long, if they go for the GE immediately after the New Year 2011, their gains would be quite good, very unlucky for them to wait until now. Since the Middle east events unfolded, citizens'eyes are now widely opened, and the older guards realised this time the going is going to be tough, so they resign on mass.
So many young and inexperienced PAP candidates, it makes no difference for us who to tick on the GE ticket, as either side has not much mettle.

yujuan said...

But watch out for Chen Shou Mao (hope I get the name right), a rising political star with eye-poping credentials in his profile.
This man is Taiwan-born but Singapore bred Citizen, who works in a law firm in China, is a Bank IPO and Bank Aquisition dealer in China,with close guanxi with the Chinese, whether in the commercial or political field. How about that. Compare him with those newbie PAP candidates who are either military men or civil servants who lack international commercial experience exposure. Singapore is a business Corporation, we need broadminded and flexible businessminded people like Chen in politics, esp dealing with a country like China. Like it or not, china is the next America whom we have to tango with.
For Singapore's survival, would the people give this man, Chen, a chnace to enter Parliament. The smart people would. Pity such talents refuse to join the PAP.

yujuan said...

You see, we are living in a dog eat dog world, and the future looks scary for Singapore.
A politician not only must have the ability to govern well, most importantly he must have the ability to do business in the international cut-throat arena.
Would a closseted military man or a civil servant, with their no nonsence black is black, no questions asked and no internaional business exposure, be able to take on the world, remember Singapore is a business Corporation, doing business is our livelihood.
You could learn to govern from the Civil Service, you can't learn to do business overnight. The South Koreans know this very well, so very brilliant move to pick this present President Lee, a businessman, to be their leader.
You not only need IQ, you need EQ as well to govern. Our PM Lee is a brilliant, intelligent man, but by making the mistake of paying a visit to Taiwan, whether private or not, on the eve of his taking up the premiership, he is showing a lack of EQ.. The Chinese Govt does not lump our MM Lee and his son together in the same category,
they respect the MM, but our PM Lee has yet to earn their respect and trust. We need someone to help our PM to build bridges between the two countries.
Why such citizens don't join the PAP, again shows the Party is lacking in EQ to attract them.
But first and foremost, our MM Lee should watch his mouth, he may be hampering his son, our PM in his work by throwing remarks around without thinking of the consequencies, and when PAP members do damage control, it would show the cracks in the establishment, not really a uniform aye, aye anymore in our eyes.
Even fund management is a business activity, like what GIC and Temasek are engaged in, you need a worldly wise businessminded team to handle this, not pure politicians, or else we would be whacked very hard abroad, as investing on safe home ground and investing in shark-invested waters overseas are two completely different things, must do away with selfish interests for the sake of the country.

Tan Choon Hong said...

yuyuan, re Chen Show Mao, I think he is Prime Minister material. When he gets into Parliament, he will set fire to the bottoms of the men in white for sure. I was all fired-up after reading his comments:

symmetrix said...

Folks, Chen Show Mao is great, snd I am not disputing that. But that is not the issue here.

At stake is getting Chen, Vincent Wijeyasingha etc into parliament by the route that is most likely to succeed. And that is as candidates in SMCs. We have 9 seats up for grabs. Even if the opp wins 6-7 of those seats history will be be made. Let's go for the low-hanging fruits this time round.

What I disagree is that the opp may field their power candidates in a GRC to fight a PAP bigwig. This high-risk strategy is a double-edge sword that cuts both ways. It is putting all your eggs in one basket. While I hope the strong opp teams wins, but if it loses we have lost probably the best catch of opposition candidates in recent memory.

We should not try to be a hero and claim to be the first opp team to win a GRC and oust a senior govt politician. We can aim for this perhaps at the next GE. Our current objective should be to get as many good opp candidates into parliament. The experience they gather should enable them to stand in a GRC at the next GE. This is my humble suggestion to the opp parties.

Vincent said...

Trying to get good opposition candidates into parliament via SMC? Gotta be kidding me. Those 12 SMCs created out of "kindness and benevolence" from PAP, are the perfect distractions cum trap for the opposition parties. I think at least 75% of them will face 3 or 4 corner fights. I suspect many opposition candidates may even lose their deposits.

The other way will be to capture a GRC and send in a team of top quality opposition candidates at one shot. Yes, the victim may include a couple of PAP heavyweight ministers, but then judging from their past 5 yrs track record, these self declared talents are not that brilliant either. The GRC may just turn out to be a double edge sword for the incumbent. Then again, the oppositions are just playing to the rules set by the incumbent.

symmetrix said...

I am not kidding. I am referring to the ELECTED MP seats at SMC's, and not the NCMP seats. Fill up all the ELECTED MP seats at SMCs first. Opp can then get their extra solid candidates to stand at GRC.

SMCs like Potong Pasir and Hougang risk losing their current opp candidates should they stand in a GRC. It is their decision where to stand, and I wish them all the best.

Objective here is to get as many opp candidates ELECTED into parliament. Whether via SMC or GRC is immaterial. Let's not lose sight of this objective.

Too many posters in the various political blogs are obsessed with trying to overthrow PAP bigwigs and become a hero. Do they have some vengeance against PAP or what? Opp can certainly gun for GRC - good luck to them.

michael13 said...

Chen Show Mao injected freshness into Singapore Political Air. LKY builds NATION, LHL builds MNC and CSM will build a 1st Class Parliament for Singapore if get elected. No doubt, he is more likely to treat all Singaporeans as his equal partners when he becomes our Prime Minister in a foreseeable future.

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