Sunday, April 03, 2011

Tongue in cheek posting

Dear Mr. Tan
Singaporeans have a poor sense of humor. SM Goh Chok Tong posted a frivolous comment about Tin Pei Ling in his Marine Parade post book. 
But, many people thought that he was serious. I can excuse the ordinary Singaporeans from lacking sense of humor and attribute it to our serious but flawed education system. But, for the journalists of the SPH to fall into this trap and ask for his comments - this reflects the poor quality of our journalists! Why can't SPH recruit journalists who are more streetwise, rather than be so naive? Ha ha!


Vincent Sear said...

I don't think it was any sense of humour. The traumatised message was half meant as a chide and half meant as solicitation for sympathy. SM GCT just backtracked after it backfired.

yujuan said...

He really has too much time on his hands, so free that he resorts to childish pranks, and the taxpayers are paying him millions to do silly things.

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