Monday, September 14, 2015

Disappointed with the voters of Aljunied

A doctor, who is neutral in politics, made this observation:
"I am disappointed with the voters of Aljunied. The PAP sent in a team of 'nobodies' into Aljunied and they nearly won Aljunied from the heavy weights of the Workers Party.
Can't they tell the difference between the quality of candidates? Are they so naive?
Surely, there is no need for the voters of Aljunied to have second thoughts. They should have given the Workers Party a strong mandate of 70% and higher! "
I have to agree with him. The majority of the voters are naive and immature. They do not have strong convictions.
This is a sad state of affairs. It is a state that is brought about by 50 years of the PAP system. This is nothing to be proud about.
When Singapore hits a real crisis, who are the people that have the "guts and gumption" (to quote our departed LKY) that can be counted to stand up?

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Anonymous said...

Agree with your view on the Aljunied voters. They did it once in 2011 by voting out a brilliant minister George Yeo. They did it again in 2015.

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