Sunday, September 13, 2015

Fear of taking risk

I have made edited the comment by Constantine Giam but kept the gist of his views.
Most Singaporeans are like barking dogs with not teeth. They think of themselves without considering the bigger picture - how their actions will affect them in later years.
Singaporeans like to complain and voice out negative views. When it comes to change and there is some risk, they begin to waver.
Talking about national issues with all this group of Singaporeans is a waste of time. With this kind of mentality, i.e. fear to take risk, Singaporeans will not prosper in their financial investment or innovation.
Their lives is about work and earning money. But they will never earn enough due to high inflation and suppressed salary caused by influx of foreigners.
Singaporeans will complain online or in their daily conversation with friends. At the end of the day, most of them will still vote PAP because they are scared that when PAP fall, they will lose their jobs.
With this kind of thinking, i am not surprised that Singaporeans will not succeed in many fields in the future. The population will be diluted with naturalized citizens. There will be no more true blue Singaporeans.
The results of this general election in 2015 lend credence to my conviction.
Constantine Giam

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TQC said...

I have issues with what Glam has written.

He sounded arrogant and condescending. On what basis, can he ascertain that voters are timid, selfish, and "stupid". This is exactly the same "we know more than you" attitude we were sometimes fed up with PAP.

His piece insinuated that "new citizens" diluted "true blue" Singaporeans to the benefit of PAP. Do the basic maths please. According to the disclosure during parliament debates, some 20-25k are naturalised every year. Take the high end, it is 100k over 4 years. Assuming 100% of them are more than 21 years old, 100% turn out on the voting day, and 100% go for PAP. With a total vote of 2.3 million cast last Friday, the impact is 4.3%. The swing PAP scored is almost 10%!

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