Sunday, September 13, 2015

Last hope for Singapore

Hi Mr Tan,
I couldn't message you on facebook. Hence, I decided to message you here. I have some questions to ask you.
1)What exactly is the role of a NCMP?
2)Should Dr Chee Soon Juan be nominated as a NCMP?
3)Do you think that Presidential Elections in 2017 is our last hope for Singapore?
1) The position of NCMP (Non Constituency MP) is given to a certain number of candidates (between 3 to 9) from the opposition parties who scored the highest votes in the general election. They attend Parliament and exercise the duties of an elected MP, except that they do not represent any constituency and cannot vote on certain legislation.
2) The candidates from the opposition parties who scored higher than Dr. Chee Soon Juan are:
Lee Li Lian, WP - Punggol East
Dennis Tan, WP - Fengshan
5 candidates from WP, East Coast
Dr Chee will not make it to the list.
3) There is a chance that the Presidential Election may be scrapped (this is just my opinion). If it is conducted as before, do you see the person elected as President to be "the last hope for Singapore?".
Can you be more specific on what are the actions that you expect the President to take to "save Singapore?"

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