Sunday, September 13, 2015

Proceed with 6.9 million population target

With the strong mandate, will the PAP government work to achieve the 6.9 million population target by the original deadline?
They will.
Maybe, delay by a few more years.
They have no choice.
We have a low birth rate and an aging population.
We have built infrastructure to cater to a larger population.
With a 70% vote and a strong mandate, they will push ahead for the 6.9 million population target.
What can we do?

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Boh Tong said...

Hahaha...6.9 million? The target is 10 million to be exact by 2030.
But do you think we could reach that ambitious numbers? By that time the air that we breathe
will be so poisonous we will suffocate to death (remember our
southern neighbour claimed the 11 months of fresh air in every year is given by them
and we ought to be grateful). Then our northern neighbour had repeatedly threatened
to let us die of thirst. So it looks like Singapore will be a deserted place with
no liveable creature let alone humans.

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