Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Do you want job security?

Many people now have jobs that pay fairly well. They are comfortable. They are satisfied with that the economic environment created by the PAP Government.

They are like the frogs in a jug of boiling water. They feel comfortable. They do not know that when the water is being boiled. They adjust to the temperature. But, eventually, they will get cooked.

They only need to read the cases of PMETs and older workers that their jobs under this economic environment. This website contains many case stories.

One day, this tragedy may happen to many of those who are now happily employed.  Just like the frogs in the boiling water.

When that happens, they will turn to Transitioning.Org for help, for support and for sympathy. But there is not much that this website can do. But they try their best.

You may be employed now - but one day you may lose your jobs to low cost foreigners.

Are you happy to take this risk? Do you want your government to address this issue of providing employment security for the citizens of Singapore?

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