Monday, September 14, 2015

Presidential Election 2017

I have often been asked - "Will I stand for the next Presidential Election". My reply - "No Way".


1. I have a gut feel that the PAP Government will change the constitution and remove the election of the President. They will not take the risk of a non-establishment person being elected into this office.

2. If they still hold the election, I will let Dr.Tan Cheng Bok be the non-establishment candidate for this round. He is highly respected.

3. If Dr. Tan is not able to stand for health or other reasons, I will let Tan Jee Say be the non-establishment candidate.

4. If Jee Say cannot stand, I will also not stand.


I do not wish to fight the PAP machinery. They have all the resources - party, government,  grassroots, civil service, mainstream media, money, power. This is not right, but it is the reality.

What about making a stand for the people of Singapore?

What for?

The majority of the people  like the PAP Government anyway - with its lack of transparency, lack of accountability, its natural aristocratic attitude and the big and small goodies that they can dish out.

What about standing up for those who want the President to be the "check and balance" on the PAP Government?

What for?

Most of them are not willing to come forward anyway to play their part. They are not willing to expose themselves in campaigning for their candidate. They are not willing to contribute towards the election expenses.

They expect the candidate to make all the sacrifices. At the last moment, many may exercise their right to abandon the candidate that they had egged on.

There are exceptions to my general observation. But these exceptions are not enough.

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