Friday, September 18, 2015

Insurance company rejected a health insurance claim for $300,000

his elderly woman, who was not well educated, was advised by the agent to upgrade from a shield C plan to a shield A plan. She took the advice.

15 months later, she was diagnosed for colon cancer. She went to a public hospital and was advised to be treated in a private hospital as she was covered under a shield A plan.
Her treatment cost a staggering $300,000. Yes - $300,000 in a private hospital!

The insurance company rejected her claim as she did not disclose that she had diabetes when she upgraded her plan. She was not aware that it had to be declared, as the insurance agent filled up the upgrade form and did not explain to her about the need to disclose her health status.

I have come across a few cases of this kind in the past. I now advise the public - NEVER, NEVER upgrade your plan when you are elderly. You never know if your claim will be rejected for ONE REASON OR ANOTHER.

If she had been treated in a public hospital for the same condition, her bill is likely to be much lower. I do not know her case, but I guess it should be (say) $60,000.


Anonymous said...

I recall you have been advising people for years to be very cautious & also unnecessary to upgrade the medishield plans. Yet people still trust the agents instead of you.

Kin Lian Tan said...

They did not read my warning. So, they fell into the trap of the insurance agent!

Anonymous said...

The diabetes condition and the cancer are not directly related. Would the insurance company pay partly? I have this radical personal idea about life and surgical interference at a late age. And it came about because of this observation: Improved medical has led to longer life(not necessarily a better lived life). In Spore's case, many are living into the 80s but are struggling with financial difficulties everyday that they are alive. With an increasing aging population already today we have insufficient hospital beds. Sorry I am running out of time at the library computer . will continue later

Anonymous said...

Sorry.I will continue where I left off. My view is that we are spending too much of what we have saved up for old age on medical intervention. We skimp on daily enjoyment of life and spend inordinately without a thought on medical care that properly viewed is excessive "luxury". We could have lived a better daily life if we adopt the idea that we don't need to live well into our 80s. A few decades ago to live past 75 is a good life . Why can't we thing today of 80 as a good enough long life. If we accept this idea. Let's not keep our life savings for terminal health care which among other ill effects result in congestion at the hospitals, competition by the aged for beds better left to those who are younger and have not lived long enough yet, and result in more and nore expensive health care that served to impoverish the sick like very human events in life and make the medical profession one that creates the highest percentage of multimillionaires.
My concluding point is that if we are terminally ill, accept death arising from it. Any living day past age 80 is a bonus.In the example in the article, spend the $300,000 on the greatest enjoyment of life . Don't give it to the private hospital and the rich doctor and have the body cut up and suffer unbearable physical pain.

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