Thursday, March 24, 2016

Big increase in premium for Integrated Shield

Dear Mr. Tan
Two weeks ago, Aviva increased rider premiums by 30 to 60% Last week, AIA increased rider premiums by 13 to 35% Who else will increase their premiums in the coming weeks? 

The true costs of the PAP's so-called healthcare reform have come to roost, with health insurers raising premiums because their models predict runaway healthcare costs. What's really wrong with the PAP's tweaks to Medisave? Why are things turning out this way? What better, more appropriate reforms would you recommend instead of what the PAP has executed?
Thank you for this useful feedback. The integrated Shield model is not working. I suggest that you cover for Medishield Life instead.

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Yujuan said...

Sympathy for this person.
Nearly got a heart attack when my private shield premium went up by 100%.
Thinking whether to stick with Medishield Life only without the private shield. Must attend TKL's Fisca talks next month.

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