Friday, March 25, 2016

Chee Soon Juan might win Bukit Batok

A friend asked me, "Will Chee Soon Juan win the Bukit Batok by-election?".

It will be tough, but may still be possible.

During the general election, The PAP win nearly 75% of the votes. CSJ need a swing of 25% to win the seat.

The swing in a by-election could be 15%. This was demonstrated in the Punggol East by-election.

CSJ could get another 5% to 10% from older Chinese votes, who do not speak English and prefer a Chinese MP. But this might not be enough to win the seat.

Some people still have a negative view of CSJ, but this could be balanced by others who now find him to be quite mellow and could speak well.

The final 5% could come from younger voters who may like his courage. I read that he is usually well received when he speak to younger people.

All the best to CSJ.


Yujuan said...

Paul would be a better candidate, at least he does not have historical baggage as burden.
Yet, it's exciting if he does enter Parliament, Parliamentary proceedings in Singapore bores people to death. Even if it's a four year term, it's worth seeing a live wire on National TV.

Green Matter said...

Forget about (itchy mind) dirty business! Most important is SDP CSJ (and family) enjoys the learning Journey to the West on the Year of the Monkey. 徐順全 西遊記

- Hands-On Green Matters

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