Wednesday, March 23, 2016

It is easy to miss the boat when one is too cautious

When the ST index was dropping, I decided that 2,500 was the level to invest in the market. However, I set my buy price at 2,450 and 2,400 for 2 tranches of the index.

The ST Index probably hit 2,500 but did not touch 2,450.

Now the ST Index is at 2800, which is more than 10% higher than 2,500.

By being cautious, I missed the boat.


Anonymous said...

No! You did not missed the boat!

In fact you are very good, a very disciplined and safe investor!

You set STI2450 as the target level. You did not buy/participate. It is ok. Not a cent lost! Only opportunity cost. Always there is next time. Other portfolios.

Lastly, how do you know it will not come down to STI2450 level, even much lower, below STI2000 in next few months.

So, you did not missed the boat!


Anonymous said...

The boat wasn't there, how did you miss the boat?
Gurus aplenty.

Yujuan said...

Follow the investment guru Warren Buffet,

Go in when others fear to tread.
And come out when others are exuberant.

In Singapore, we have our own Buffet, David Kuo of The Motley Fool.
He had been nudging his readers to pick up local shares for the past
2 months, but he has to wait for the mischievious wily Fire Monkey to
hop in and rest for 10 days to 2 weeks before kicking the Stock Market to come out of its stupor.
David's readers on his Facebook have to thank him, cashing in for a belated Hongbao present.
Motto here, you can't estimate the Market's bottom, ditto with guessing its top. Understand just the Fear and Greed factors of human nature, make less never mind, as long as you make money. Someone said, in order to make money, just study human nature. But then, easier said than done, but's worth following Buffet and David Kuo.

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