Sunday, March 20, 2016

Maintenance of MRT system

An engineer once explained this matter to me. When we built our MRT system in the 1980s, we engaged the expertise from France and Japan. They were the best in the world.

The experts advised that some of the major parts had to be replaced after 18 years, due to wear and tear.

In France, they replaced these parts on schedule after 18 years. The Japanese are more cautious. They replaced these parts before 18 years.

In Singapore, the management said that the parts are still working after 18 years. Can the replacements be delayed?

That is why our trains are now breaking down quite often. I don't know if this story is true or is exaggerated.

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Yujuan said...

All GLCs in Singapore run like they are SMEs, cost cutting is their motto, and like to stinge on maintenance and labour costs to bump up their bottom line, and top executives' pay is profit performance based, not work performance. SMRT a perfect example.
Poor quality in service and product is the result, if these GLCs dun monopolize contracts from Govt, they would be beaten hands down, with their small SME's mentality doing business.
Now you know why NOL can't compete in the international market.
Dun think ST Engineering is the exception. They dun do much R & D, too time consuming and costly, just copy other peoples' designs and make do with improvements and adjustments to come up with their own military hardware to sell.
Ditto with Singtel, monopolizing the ground infrastructure lines.
Still smarting from our 5 days Internet down time. Jolly well fix up their lightning stricken Station immediately, and not wait for us to make complaints, delaying us with outsourced low quality contractors with their cock and bull excuses.

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