Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Jetstar respond to my feedback, but are they serious?

I posted a feedback that it is inconsiderate for Jetstar to offer a voucher for $15 that carries a 20 digit number that cannot be copied by the mouse.

The corporate communications manager of Jetstar emailed to thank me for the feedback and said that they will look into the matter.

I telephoned the manager and asked, "Are you really serious about finding a solution, or is this just lip service?". I further said, "I know that you will probably find it difficult to change the 20 digit voucher number, but you could easily remove the "layer" that prevents the voucher number from being copied by the mouse. Why introduce this unnecessary "layer"?

The people who designed these kind of system, "for security" do not use their common sense. They just make life unnecessarily difficult for their customers.

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